Monday, December 11, 2006

Second Life

Having a conversation with a lady who designs T-shirts. She had me model one of them (a bit small for me but cute). A man wandered by selling xmas stars for 50 ld.

I told him the only way I'd buy a star is if he'd walk down my tube.

Unfortunately he was too tall to fit (6'9")

So I had to walk down it myself.

The tube actually runs out midway, where one falls through the floor.

There is a trampoline waiting below.

Here I am, about 200 meters off the ground--trampolined.

A view of my semi-transparent tube from outer space.

These wooden tubs will eventually be filled water.

All tubs will have an alligator, except one.

(One will have a mermaid.)

The trick will be landing in the one with the mermaid.

Finally, here is a scene from Dusty's bar where I spent some time last night.
There is a peppermint archway with mistletoe that I investigated.
Unfortunately I think it was magnetic.

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kole said...

All Sort Of Things Happen` In That Second Life..........I Am In Love With Your Tube,It Looks So Excidet!Patrik,I Think You Shoud Built Some Kind Of Ice-Cream Shop Near Your House,Dont Ask Why,Cuz I Dont Know Either.But I Think Life Is Like Watch Mechanism,So I Think Somewhere Is Written About Me Telling U 2 Build A Ice Cream Shop Near Your Second Life House....Its Some Kind Of Intuicion