Friday, December 22, 2006

Second Life/Niypi and Jace

Niypi is a girl I know from Dusty's nightclub. I invited her to see my place and before we knew it we came across a dog named Jace. Jace was down-and-out because his girlfriend--a fox--told him she was leaving SL. (!)
Here is Niypi consoling Jace with a big hug.

We then spent several minutes chasing Jace because he somehow got loose. Jace ended up underneath a furniture store, and my head kept banging into the ceiling (floor) trying to coax him back.

Finally, Jace followed us back to my house. (Here is Jace going directly for the couch.)

After a while we left my place and teleported to Niypi's cabin up north. Jace and I spent a good hour watching Niypi rearrange her furniture. Then Jace got depressed and began howling, then barking at the door for us to let him out.

Against our better judgement we let him out and Jace began running around Niypi's property, howling his head off. We heard the most gut-wrenching howls that night.
Finally there was barking at the door and we let Jace back in.
More hugs.

We went out into the yard and Niypi unveiled a surprise: a Peanuts nativity scene. Wow! (For some reason I am holding a stoner concert lighter.)

The lake reminded me of the lake in El Alamein (from the game Battlefield 1942). So I waded into it, still holding the stoner concert lighter.

Jace met me back on shore, having transformed into Snoopy. What a nice gesture. Everyone loves to come out of a winter lake seeing Snoopy on shore.

I took Jace for a walk in the hills. Here Jace does his business.

I couldn't get him to leave. Jake seems very proud of his business.
Standing on two legs.

Here we are at the fantastic Santa scene next door.

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Anonymous said...

Niypi here, was trolling the internet and ran my name. Low and behold I read this and a smile pulled up on my lips.. WOW I miss SL and I miss you my friend. Jace however I think was lost forever.