Sunday, December 03, 2006

Second Life/Green Swamp

My property has a spectacular view of the ocean. It also has a green swamp bordering it.

Today I investigated the swamp.

You may be interested to know this swamp has its very own swamp creature.

If you get too close you may fall in and the swamp creature can eat you. I got 'eaten' today.

Inside the swamp creature it was pure pink, like a vulva, and its upper walls were ringed with moving tentacles. The neighbor lady who owned it-- she was an Australian by the way--I figured it was her way of getting back at men by letting them occasionally fall into this fantastic orifice.

There was no way out. Luckily I was able to chat loudly enough for a Brazilian buddy who was standing nearby to hear me.
After some urging, he joined me inside the swamp creature to help find a way out. It was a surreal experience, swimming side-by-side with this Brazilian guy inside a pink swampy Australian-made thing until we finally escaped from the blow hole.
The world is getting smaller, indeed.

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ceejay631 said...

hey Pat congrats on your second life
I hope it is much therapeutic than our regular life