Sunday, December 10, 2006

Second Life

If you want to find me just look at the World map and I'll be at the southernmost tip.

Just look for the beach house with the UFO.


Kole said...

Patrik,I Cant Open Your Lattest Pics :(....I Think That Is Cuz They Are In Bmp Format,So Pics Are Very Large Then And Sometimes Very Hard To Open.....But From Dialogs I Can Tell That U Are Having A Great Time :)...You Quit BF?

Patrick said...

Hello, kole

Hell, no, I haven't quit BF. I plan on going back and forth.

As a matter of fact I plan on decorating my new beach house with pictures, mostly from BF42. I think I will start with Ferencz's picture from the forum of the running plane campers. That one is a classic.
Sorry to bear about BmP problems. Those pictures are mirrored from my main site,
You can see all the pictures I use by going to the directory at (if you can read Bmp). I will see if I can turn them into jpeg, if you are having issues.