Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Second Life/Neighbor LaeMi

You wouldn't believe what happened tonight. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. So let me tell you about it.
LaeMi was home, right? (She's the Australian who lives next door.) Anyway, she's home or visiting (I couldn't tell) for the first time in about a week (in my world at least/in my time).
And I was glad to see her.
And she was busy as usual with one of her many projects. LaeMi and a gal pal were standing in the swamp overlooking... I couldn't tell... A fire? Gas bubbles? When I got closer I saw it was a circle and they were making it open and shut. I heard one of them call it "Hal." Then I knew they were reenacting the famous Hal-Pod-Bay-Door scene from 2001. Wow!
The swamp can be used for all sorts of things... LaeMi turned it into a Kubrick showpiece.
I forgot to tell LaeMi about the episode with the swamp creature from days earlier.
(Or at least I forgot to tell her most of it.)
(She heard faint details. I hinted around. I was sketchy.)
(She can read all about it here though...)

Her friend--Torrid--eventually had to leave so LaeMi and I went exploring more of her swamp. At one point LaeMi started going wild with concrete and building all sorts of stuff, and at first it was kinda fun but later I was getting claustrophobic because of all the walls she kept building.
Finally I couldn't take it anymore and popped to the surface.
And those were literal walls she was building--because LaeMi announced she was making a missile silo!
Of all things.

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