Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Second Life/Looking for a Lawyer

I went to a lawyer's office today to get a simple contract in case I want to design something in the future and need a builder. If such a form existed I wanted one.

I had no idea what the costs would be.

It didn't matter.

I couldn't find the door.

And when I did find the door it was hard to get through. I kept bumping into walls.

In real life you wouldn't go through this. (Unless of course you needed a laywer.)

Then I got bounced--not banned--from the property. The popup window said something about not belonging to such and such group, therefore I was ejected. Elitist pRigs!

I'd looked up the lawyer's office on the Search engine under "Contracts" but no where did it say anything about having to belong to a 'club' before they would meet with you.

A secret lawyers club maybe?

I'd seen guys with black capes flying around but assumed they were draculas or something gothic. Could they be judges? Flying judges? Flying wanna-be judges?

There may be a "Lawyers Who Want to be Judges" club on here...

They arrange meetings to discuss "contracts" but when you arrive you are bounced; you are judged.

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