Sunday, July 08, 2007

SL/Spanish surrealism

A new friend, Waelya, invited me to her shop. While at the shop I invited my other friend, Ulises, to come by. As I was introducing those two, I realized that they were both from Spain. Naturally, they were delighted to hear this, so they began speaking in Spanish.
I politely asked that they continue to talk in English in front of me (which they did).
Later, Ulises remarked that he hadn't seen me at the pool lately, and I explained that since Milo has been a stud lately, we have been invited to a lot of clubs lately.

[9:43] Ulises Snook: what is a stud?
[9:43] Patric: a suave, cool individual, usually a man
Pappy sent out a challenge to locate this swamp monster and get a photo with it. The name of the monster had at one time been "Beeble Baxter" (when it was a Furry). But now that it was a monster, it was no longer a 'he,' apparently, and it was also without a name. So we'll just call it 'swamp monster.'
I let Ulises study Pappy's blog, thinking a Spaniard trying to decipher a hillbilly's dialect to locate a monster on Second Life was too good an opportunity to pass up.
To my surprise, Ulises had no trouble understanding Pappy's patois, and even suggested a few places we might find the monster.

[9:55] Ulises Snook: i get it
[9:55] Ulises Snook: i speak southern spanish
[9:55] Ulises Snook: :)
[9:55] Ulises Snook: so
[9:55] Ulises Snook: are looking for the swamp or waht?

[9:56] Ulises Snook: the swamp must be in a place with sea
[9:57] Ulises Snook: and cold
[9:57] Ulises Snook: that is what i think

The only swamp I know on Second Life belongs to my neighbor, LaeMi. She even has a swamp monster inhabiting it. I don't know if those two monsters would get along, though. But I can't rule it out.


Jenny introduced me to her mom (her REAL LIFE mom) named Sandi. Of course, Sandi and I got along famously, she being 45 and I being 39. Her job, she told me, was encouragement: she only shows up on Second Life to encourage her daughter--Jenny the builder. She is the official cheerleader of Jenny's company, ComPany. "ComPany Mom" is her title. She runs around on a unicycle, doing laps around her daughter who's building, shouting encouragement. It is quite a setup. Here is a picture of Jenny busy building, and Waeyla busy building, while Mom looks on from her unicycle.

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