Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SL/True love

True lovers, she sat in England, he sat in New York. Both of them dreaded Mondays. And, being true lovers, he sat with her, in a pad in Second Life, as her clock changed in England to Monday.

True Love pt. 2

Five hours later she awoke to join her lover as he experienced Monday.
"It's okay, love--it's okay." These words were expressed by the lady in London to her New York lover. Ten seconds passed. "You know what, I think you're gonna make it" she gushed at him.
"Yes, I think I am," said the man in New York. "Monday blues got-a hold o' me but I'm still alive."
"Exactly," said the woman in London. "Forty-five seconds into Monday and you're a survivor!"
"Nice," replied the man. "I'm a survivor-winner."
"Exactly," said the woman, again.
Five minutes passed.
"Time for bed again, love."
"Time for bed the first time, love."
"Exactly," they both said at once.

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