Thursday, July 19, 2007

Forced to use 'the Stick'

on Milo
[16:47] Yetrates Bates: Milo better come back, i only tell once where im aiming at
[16:47] Yetrates Bates: it worked
[16:47] Milorad Lehmann: hm...
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: get away
[16:48] Patric: i love it when Milo snaps back his head when he becomes (Awake)
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: with that stick
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: lol
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: no this is the MILO GET BACK STICK
[16:48] Patric: between the 'boing' noise and the energy it makes, she brought you back
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: ;)
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: -Smack Dat Ass
Later at the pool that stick was brought out again by Yet. I noticed it was a stem, not a stick.

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