Thursday, July 12, 2007

SL/Offworld/but smiling

It's good knowing somewhere out there a Dutch girl, Yetrates, is racing her heart out (and winning).

This page refreshes every few seconds. You can see it refresh at:

Yetrates sent me the link a few minutes ago (I'm offworld). Even though I'm offworld right now, I know the wonderful world of Second Life exists out there some place, and I smile.

Most Westerners are familiar with the Windows popup that gives you the chance to download Far Eastern characters, like Japanese or Chinese font. Here is a pic of the popup:

I don't know what is it about me, but I've never had Chinese characters on my harddrive. I'm now noticing it is a mere 2.7 MB to install them, so the next time I see this popup, I think I will.
I don't have Japanese font, either, so the following occurrence sent to me by Jenny was slightly out of whack to begin with:

[23:16] Jenny Delpaso: but dude walks up and he's japanese and tells me:

[23:16] Jenny Delpaso:
[23:12] You: just click anywhere and you should make abox
[23:12] xJenny:どこでもちょうどかちりと言う音及びあなたは箱を作るべきである[23:13] Ikazuchi5656 Karas:すみませ。これから子供を迎えに行かなければならないので、
[23:13] Ikazuchi5656's Interpreter: Finish it. Because you must go to it to meet a child from now on,
[23:13] Ikazuchi5656 Karas:時間がありません。
[23:13] Ikazuchi5656's Interpreter: There is nottime.

What she is talking about is: she met a Japanese guy who has a built-in interpreter that would translate, on the spot, his thoughts into English. She thought that this was creepy. Also, his 'creepy' thoughts got whacked out of shape, further, from one harddrive to another, because I don't have Japanese characters installed on mine. I wonder if this conversation occurred slightly differently on her harddrive, in her world, or displays differently for you, if you have them installed, in your world?

I will ask her this next time I see her.

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