Friday, July 27, 2007

SL/Two Stoners resolve what to do about the new non-gambling policy, etc. etc.

Fantasy Club

[15:53] JenCookie Peralta: hiya new stoner friend
[15:53] Patric Styrian: oh hi stoner friend
[15:53] JenCookie Peralta: so with the no gaming I REALLy have nothin to do here (
[15:54] Patric Styrian: you just wander?
[15:54] JenCookie Peralta: right now I am shoppin
[15:55] JenCookie Peralta: you are a guy so you can always fall back on cybersex and porn
[15:55] JenCookie Peralta: lol
[15:55] Patric Styrian: cybersex is overrated
[15:55] Patric Styrian: porn is now boring
[15:56] Patric Styrian: for me to get off, the person must now be on fire
[15:56] Patric Styrian: i've evolved
[15:56] JenCookie Peralta: so what now then
[15:56] JenCookie Peralta: I could always could play poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: you could
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: lol
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: cant type rollin
[15:57] Patric Styrian: i'm going to open up a casino that just allows strip poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: poke 'er
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: kinda like poke her poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: uh huh
[15:58] Patric Styrian: oh we play poker not for money, but for inventory items
[15:58] Patric Styrian: or*
[15:59] Patric Styrian: i bet my shower curtain against your Champagne glass for instance
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: ohhhhh
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: you own a club now
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta is typing...
[15:59] Patric Styrian: just a fantasy club
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: I havent looked at your profile yet
[16:00] Patric Styrian: it is just a fantasy


Alex Burgess said...

"for me to get off, the person must now be on fire"

LMFAO. And it triggered some excellent Soft White Underbelly lyrics in my head:

Burn out the day
Burn out the night
I cant see no reason
to put up a fight
Im living for givin
the devil his due
And Im burnin, Im burnin,
Im burnin for you
Im burnin, Im burnin,
Im burnin for you

Patrick said...

Now that you putting them in my head, Alex, I'm thinking that's Blue Oyster Cult???

Alex Burgess said...

BOC, yes indeed. Also known as "Soft White Underbelly" when, at the peak of their popularity in the 70s, they wanted to play small shows in clubs--the insiders would know who it really was. Good trivia points for this one. I'm a music geek for sure.

Patrick said...

Ahhh, I always liked that song, Alex, didn't realize BOC was also Soft White Underbelly.
I guess the oyster has a soft white underbelly...hehe...