Saturday, July 07, 2007

SL/Slump total

They were all slumped over, all for different reasons. I'd gone microwaving, and this is what I returned to.
At various times each one of them came back to consciousness and I was able to pinpoint where they had been. The consciousness was fleeting, though, and after a short time each one had gone back into a slump. I knew I had to get out whatever I had to say in no time flat.
"You are standing in front of me and telling me that you are also on Google? That is what you're telling me?" This is what I found myself shouting at Yetrates.
"What you mean you were chatting with Ayo on MSN? Isn't she the best lady at your upcoming wedding??" I raged at Milo when it was his time to surface.
DrAlbert Hoffman and I were never able to communicate aside from a brief "LOL" that he typed (after I'd said something to him about six minutes earlier).
Yetrates left. Milo said he was going clubbing. He asked me to go, and I said "Someone needs to stay with the doctor."
Eventually, the Dr. did return, and explained that it was late where he was (actually early in the morning) in Serbia.
His incoherent statement to me was:
"i didnt used on those late times anymore"

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