Monday, July 23, 2007

SL/Light and Smoke

At the end of a tunnel in a spooky castle there was a pitch-dark room that I couldn't find my way out of, so I teleported a few tokers in to shed some additional light. Yumi didn't bring her smokes--for some reason--just her bling, which was illuminating, but distracting, considering she wore it on parts of her body that she liked to dance with, and dance she did: The effect was like a miner's helmet being worn by a miner being attacked by a bear; I ended up having more light in my eyes than on the walls. Ferguso brought a Cuban cigar that he said would look impressive while he smoked it, and smoke it he did, right to the nub. There was so much smoke in the room by the time he got done it cancelled out any light. But he did look good smoking it.
Yetrates' pet alien Bleep was still in the tunnel, and when he shouted that he was coming in to help us, I told him to bring us a fatty.
Eventually there was so much smoke in the room that whoever was on the other side of that tunnel got tremendous blowback.

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