Thursday, July 12, 2007


Shit--and I don't say shit often--I just realized that the person in my bed was a gift from Jenny to represent Yetrates when she's absent. In fact, it's not a guy, after all; it's a woman, dummy: it's Yet. My angle had been off, sorry to report, and now I see the resemblance. I had casually mentioned to Jenny some months earlier that it would be nice to have a clone of Yetrates running around the place in the event the microwave needed cleaning, or something like that, and now I am gifted with a version of Yet permanently in bed.

It is nice knowing that Yetrates, or a facsimile thereof, is always in the house.


Wrath said...

Oh great - good luck explaining to Gia that Stewart = a Yetrates facsimile, hehe. Will be curious to see how long it takes before she believes you. ;-)

But wow, that Jenny gives good presents, dude! No one has ever given me a person before.

Patrick said...

There must be a way of removing the outer blanket to reveal the feminine inside...

I must admit, Wrath, it was a first for me too--and I'm sorry I wrecked it!