Saturday, July 21, 2007

SL/4.20 x 420

'Stoners nite' at Hooters-n-Shooters

DJ Elle is officiating. Meanwhile, Yetrates is releasing some kind of mints into the air, in increasing intervals. Intense, I tell her.
She is also holding a bong, wielding it like a light saber, and knighting several people with it.
Meanwhile, Elle giggles, and re-giggles.
She is dancing on top of glass, mind you, fish beneath her sneakers. No way would she would wear high heels tonight and risk injuring a fish by breaking the glass by dancing too much. There hasn't been a fish injury in the history of Second Life--as far as anyone knows--and DJ Elle isn't going to be the first one (to injure one).

I see what color underwear Yet is wearing: Squash. There is a similar-colored fish swimming in the tank. I want to eat it.

No I don't. Yes I do--if it's edible, which I don't think it is.

Noticing the mints now more than ever, especially the big, stationary one on my screen. The mint is sparkly; I like that. I want to eat it (too). I like it when a mint is sparkly. That means the mint has mint on it. The mint has little flecks of mint on it.


I love sucking the mint flecks off of mints I do I do I do.

(: Or at least trying to :)

Brb, famished.

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