Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Addiction

My posts may be spotty for the next couple of weeks because of a new addiction called Team Fortress 2.
I rate this "ESE": Extremely satisfying escapism.


Ed said...

Ha! you're shooting again eh!
If it wasn't for steam I'd give TF2 a go.. BTW ,did you hear about the free game "Battlefield Heroes" EA is gonna release this summer? It has the same kind of cartoon graphics as TF2.....

Patrick said...

Thanks for the update on it, Ed. I hadn't heard of it, but it looks GREAT. I can't wait. I wonder why they are making it FREE?

Yeah, I am trying out TFC2, because the original was so great. (I forgot how many guys name themselves "solid snake" hehe)

Ed said...

They make it free so they can make more money :P , I've read that you can "pimp" your soldier, for instance give Fritz a shiny new leather jacket for only x dollar, or a new paintjob for your tank for only y dollar... that sort of thing.

hehe ,Solid snake wasn't he from syphon filter?

I remember when bf42 was just out, each team would have at least five Vasili Zaitjevs.....and you know they were all sniping, but even put all together they weren't half as good as the movie character, lol

Patrick said...

I can't wait to see a Nateos version of this game!
It would be great to be able to play with the Nateos gang again.