Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SL/at "Hippie Pay Island"

Hadda Doobie: i walked past 72 of you here and not a single one of you is wearing a shred of tie dye

Morgantown Voom: hadda im not a hippie

Hadda Doobie shouts: you should all be arrested

Morgantown Voom: lol

Morgantown Voom: if it makes u feel better

Morgantown Voom: I dont got no shoes on

Hadda Doobie: how is your hair?

Hadda Doobie: nice and neat?

Morgantown Voom: bald lol

Hadda Doobie: ok lol

Hadda Doobie: you are excused

Morgantown Voom: hahahha

[a guy wearing tight white shorts walked by]

Hadda Doobie: i can't believe some of you are wearing preppy tennis outfits here

Morgantown Voom: hahahaha

Doba Despres shouts: i may not wear tye dye but i'll be dayam'd if i'm ever gonna wear anything preppy!

[Then he saw him]
Hadda Doobie: dude, that crocodile on your shirt

Cat Tomorrow shouts: Hadda: who made you the hippie fashion police anyway?
Hadda Doobie shouts: is that an IZOD??

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