Saturday, February 09, 2008


Bringiton: rl i am rejected by i am accepted
Marra: sl is easier for the most part
Hadda: i am accepted by furries in rl, rejected by them here
Sudie: hahahaah

Sudie: I'm curious what people might be thinking about when they make their avis...
Hadda: i started out with lots of tattoos, and finally whittled it down to none
Bringiton: lol

Hadda: i didn't have a foot fetish, but i developed one thanks to second life
Marra: What do you mean a foot fetish?
Hadda: well, feet are so well crafted
Hadda: it's mind boggling
Marra: oh do u crave them in rl?
Hadda: i can't stand them in rl, but i study them in sl
Dizzy: lol

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