Saturday, February 09, 2008

SL/Experimenting with smoke

If you smoke a joint in Second Life the smoke will follow you around. It won't last very long, but you can definitely tell where you've been.
It also applies to vehicles and animals. Riding in a bus I saw my smoke contrails as we sped down the road. I ran up and down the aisle, trying to affect the physics, but the smoke behaved as it should: It drifted up or down, depending on which direction I ran, and which direction the bus was heading (but it especially favored going up).
Riding an elephant provided similar results.
I wondered if this applied to sudden movements too, like sitting in a chair located about 20 meters away. My experiments showed a trace amount of smoke remained after a sudden movement like sitting in a far chair.
I wondered it if it applied to teleporting short distances too.
I got no trace of pot smoke after teleporting from point A to B. No matter how short the distance, the same results. That sucks, knowing you can't appreciate a good smoke in the quantum state.

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