Thursday, February 21, 2008

SL/Headless/@ Mystic Academy

"Hadda, have you really lost your head or is it my viewer?"

"Try waving your hand over my neck."


"Try clicking on my face. You will find out."

Jane Atkey: yeah - nothing there

Hadda Doobie: happened about a week ago

Hadda Doobie: severe lag storm
Jane Atkey: how terrible!
Hadda Doobie: the first thing i did was check for a penis
Hadda Doobie: i could breathe easier after that
Jane Atkey: Did you have one before? A lot of avatars don't.
Hadda Doobie: of course
Hadda Doobie: first thing i did inworld
Hadda Doobie: maybe it's karma

[It was a very spiritual place]

Vojvodina Amiot: temple?
Hadda Doobie: i had two temples
Jane Atkey: So what brings you to Mystic, Hadda?
Hadda Doobie: i was never very spiritual with my head
Hadda Doobie: now that i've lost it, i'm way more spiritual

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