Sunday, February 10, 2008

SL/Lunar @ Clothing Optional Beach

The sun was more intense with WindLight installed.
"My doctor says no more than 2 hours in Second Life at a time."
Lots of people were at the beach. There were all kinds of tattoos, including some exotic ones.
"My take-out carton has that exact same character!"
Nude people were everywhere.
"I may not have the biggest penis here, but I guarantee I have the biggest butt."
He tried hitting on one woman. Finally she went (Away). He kept pursuing her until she went (go Away).
Everyone was in shape, except him. "My body is the equivalent of two or three people," he conceded. "Needless to say, I am being pressured for a premium account."
There were the usual warning signs all over the place: "Warning: Don't Forget To Put Clothes On Before Teleporting."

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