Sunday, February 10, 2008

SL/more Smoke

I kept spinning in circles until it formed a ring of smoke around JT.
"Ewww," said JT. "Contact high."
He didn't believe in smoke.
"C'mon," I said. "Do your long hair proud. Take a huff."
He said he was waiting for Iron Maiden to get back together.
"That's the sole reason for your long hair?" I asked him.
I heard a rumor that the drummer of Iron Maiden was found in Second Life quite by accident by another band mate, and they are planning to reunite, but only in Second Life.
"I heard that too," he said.
I am not too familiar with Iron Maiden, I must admit.

Patric: What is your favorite song by iron maiden?
Jeremy Fitzgerald: run to the hills
Patric: you have to put quotes around it, as i'm unfamiliar with their material
johnthomas Jun: power slave and die with your boots on
Patric: are you talking to me?
Jeremy Fitzgerald: lol

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