Thursday, February 14, 2008

SL/Reuniting with LaeMi/It's been a Very Quick Year

It's been one year since I met Yetrates at LaeMi's swamp.
LaeMi lives in a mountain near the swamp. She gave us a slide show of what she's been up to these past few months.

Here she is with a purple face, which she said was from a Linux-based glitch that lasted about a week. I said I thought she was holding her breath.

This is from LaeMi's first day in Second Life. LaeMi is such a quick learner, I bet the fire behind her was built by her. She said it belonged to someone else. I asked her if she remembered how to get there. She said she did. I told her I wanted to see if that fire was still burning.
LaeMi said she was wearing original "Linden Hair" in the pic. I asked her where the hair was today. She said it was in her folder. "Nostalgists never delete their original Linden stuff," I joked. LaeMi said she hung out at that place because she was new, on a slow DSL line and it was quiet. I heard the Lindens are going to add insects once lag is no longer an issue, I kidded. So much for the quiet.
She is still wearing that same collar, incidentally. On her first day in Second Life she said she found the collar on the ground and has worn it ever since. Someone's throw-away is her treasure. I said it was the perfect size for her neck.
This is a very cool pic. I call it "Narrowly escaping injury."

It's a very cool pic.

This one is called: "Three women standing around a campfire roasting wieners." (You can enlarge the pic to see it.)
LaeMi said it was done to send a warning to a bunch of griefers who were using certain body parts against them.
At this point Yetrates said she had to go to bed, since it just turned Friday her time (The Netherlands). I said it wasn't necessary for me to go to bed yet, since it was just 6pm Thursday where I was (in Florida). LaeMi said it was 9:00am Friday where she was (in Australia) so she didn't have to go to bed either. We both felt sorry for Yetrates.

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