Saturday, August 26, 2006


Bouts of thinking. I go through bouts of thinking where anything is possible. Even the least likely events...
The most strikingly beautiful woman walked through the doors at work today and, predictably, did not want to flirt with me. She was much more interested in the Thermax ® brand of carpet cleaner we rent, so I obligingly gave her a tutorial on the fine art of suction and release. She seemed genuinely excited about getting her cleaner home after that, so I think my mission was successful.
In Patrick's world, this beautiful, Audrey-Hepburn-type girl would have marched right up to the counter and asked me to bed. Nevermind any small talk about the Thermax. Nevermind the "sign here/initial there" crap either. She would have jumped across the counter at the first sight of me. We'd be in each others' arms in seconds. Forty-five seconds later we'd be completely naked and no longer in each others' arms because we'd be arm-to-arm, making love.
The word 'naked' is such a goddamned sexy word. Especially describing someone like her. I think the word 'naked' is about as raw and candid and real as you can ever hope for in a word. It should only be used on someone like her! I realize I'm going overboard--but you only get to touch angels once or twice in your life, so back off.
Way off.

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