Saturday, August 19, 2006

(and lots of needless quotation marks)

I love salsa and I especially love that new specialty salsa with the black beans and corn. Mmm-mmm.
And I like it hot. Way hot. Too often supermarkets only carry the silly 'medium'--or worse--'mild' variety. Puh-leeze. Hand me a bowl of 'medium' salsa and you might as well call it 'mild,' since I can't tell the difference. Anyhoo....
If it ain't "hot," it's not up to my standards. Or at least my snuff. And my 'snuff' is that noise I make when I inhale, snottily, with both nostrils. Snuffffff.


It's not a subject that I like to dwell on. Nevertheless, I referenced "snot" (abstractly) in the above argument so I want to prove that I'm not a complete slob by using the word in a completely different context right now. It must "transition" me out of here.

Snot what you're thinking.

Snot supposed to be easy.


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