Sunday, August 27, 2006

Way Off

Living in Florida offers several advantages, most having to do with the weather. Unfortunately, like the flip side of a coin, the weather can go from "idyllic" to something out of a disaster movie: As I type this we are expecting Hurricane Ernesto to affect us right here in beautiful, idyllic Tampa Bay.
So....I gassed up (like everyone else) and got multi-bottles of water (like everyone else) and even got some spiced rum (like everyone else, hopefully).
I even got a multi-pack of Bumble-Bee tuna and chewy granola bars--in case the power goes out for more than a week.
This is "living"?
I can only hope the meterologists are way off in their forecast--that Ernesto fizzles out harmlessly in the Gulf of Mexico.
My greatest worry is that I am going to be without my favorite game, Battlefield 1942, for more than a week. God forbid.

Edit: Alberto was more hype than hurricane.
But it was good for conversation.

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