Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area, pt. 36/Tales around the Campfire

Michael interrupted the campfire in his quest for sex

Michael1 Aeon: maybe i can buy a vagina in this game?
Plex Olivier: maybe you should buy a penis first
Michael1 Aeon: i have a very large penis
Scamper Nitely [a dog]: I'll sell you one
Plex Olivier: oooooh
Soy Burger: go ahead and sell him a canine penis
Soy Burger: they are not very big but noticeable
Anita Alcott: gross
Someone was taking snapshots...
Plex Olivier: who is photoing?
Soy Burger: a ghost
Scamper Nitely: not me
Soy Burger: we got photo ghosts
Soy Burger: around campfire

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