Monday, January 28, 2008

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 39/no advertising

sounds_004A gentleman was wearing a title above his head which indicated he wanted to be messaged about a new club he was managing, called "The Shop." "They are recruiting early," Soy noted.

To get his attention, Soy said "I was going to IM a woman about a new nude disco she was opening today." That got everyone's attention, including the manager's. Soy continued, "No one is allowed in her club unless completely nude." Nobody batted an eyelash at this information. Soy concluded, "It's the only form of discrimination that's still allowed."

Finally, one woman said something; she said she was dialing her lawyer.

"What for?" inquired Soy.

"Habit," she insisted.

"Call me instead."

"What's your Second Life number?"

"F2 F3 F4 - F9 F1 F9 F8"

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