Friday, January 25, 2008

SL/Party Bus

Yetrates got a party bus. It had all kinds of funky graffiti on it. Plus, when the sun went down, the headlights came on automatically. It was a trip.

Speaking of tripping, we drove around the entire sim--the roads were nice and wide. At one point we decided to pick up random people. Why not? It was a party bus, after all. Since it was dark out, and we couldn't see anything, we had to use the mini-map. Green dots on the map represented people.
We stopped next to what we thought was a green dot.
"I don't see anything," said Yet after a bit.
"Neither do I," I said. "Drive on."
So she drove on.
"Wait," I said, after a bump. "That was a furry."
"Ok. I'll go back."
"Too late," I said. "Keep driving."

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Anonymous said...

"That was a furry" OMG you kill me!