Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 35/Sightings

Soy: a winged creature came to my campfire
Soy: i love it when winged creatures come to my campfire
Soy: By the way, there was a UFO here last night, and when I went to take snapshots of it I discovered my harddrive was full.
Sianne: lol
Sianne: Was it a green alien?
Sianne: or one of them grey ones?
Soy: couldn't see thru the tiny windows
Sianne: it didn't land?
Sianne: you shoulda shot it down!
Sianne: you coulda made the news!
Soy: yeah i was too afraid
Soy: didn't want it to be Santa
Soy: i remember reading a few stories about that last year
Soy: Santa getting shot down here and there
Sianne: really who would shot Santa down?
Soy: it may have been a former reindeer
Sianne: a reindeer?
Soy: Santa is known to use a whip
Soy: there are lots of santa decoys, tho
Soy: i don't think he was hit
Sianne: That is good I don't wanna miss out on pressies next year
Soy: yeah, all you need is santa and china to stay alive
Sianne: lol
pixiedust: Hi Sianne
Sianne: How are you?
pixiedust: just looking around, what trouble are you up too
pixiedust: be careful people in here are troublemakers
pixiedust: soy is friends with all of them
Sianne: Nothing much just chatting to soy here about the ufo he saw!
pixiedust: Don't believe him
pixiedust: it is a side effect of the marijuanna
Sianne: He didn't shoot it cause he thought it might be santa
Soy: i think the UFO was here because he needs to get from one place to another and hasn't discovered teleporting yet

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