Thursday, January 24, 2008

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area, pt. 38/PG

Soy Burger: you will only see male nipples here

Soy Burger: you will have to wait for a "mature" sim to see female nipples
Chips Cupola: Do you like big feet?
Maud Wingtips: just fine =)
Malaria Donat: why not
Soy Burger: i made my feet especially big in Welcome Area since i knew it was a PG sim
Johnny Spicola: i am on a mission
Johnny Spicola: to find a penis
Malaria Donat: ;)
Soy Burger: on "day 3" of every male newbie, a search for a penis is underway
Maud Wingtips: lolololol

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