Monday, January 07, 2008

SL/Meet Lunar Blinker

He enjoyed hanging out temporarily clothed at the nude beach.
"I don't have a buff body but I understand I can get naked here?"
A stud named Trey didn't think so.
"Jesus man! You wide! Get lost."
Then a babe chimed in:
"The SL gods gave you free will, Lunar, so do as you please, but do it out of my eyesight."
"You mean I should walk off your screen right now?"
"Yes, if you are naked."
"What if I have the most fascinating tattoo in the world on my butt...would u look?"
"What if this tattoo had something to do with your heritage?"
"I still wouldn't look."
Lunar was not getting anywhere. "I cannot stand being around all these buff bodies," he announced. "I'm going to bury myself in sand." Then he thought of a better plan. "I'm going to rejoin the ocean." He waddled out to the sea.
"Damn that is a big butt," he heard someone crack.
He waded into the water. "No sharks here," he muttered. "No lightning either. Yet there is a definite threat of me re-emerging naked on beach."

His tormentor Trey showed up in water.
Lunar got defensive.
"Watch out! I can make bigger waves than u"
"LoL. Come back to the mainland, Lunar."
"Why?" Lunar was confused.
"We miss picking on you."
"Oh, all right." Lunar followed him back to the mainland.
"Lunar said he could make bigger waves than me," Trey laughed, informing his buff posse of the exchange. "I said I didn't want to risk a tsunami."
Lunar blushed. He noticed his blush extended down his upper cheeks to his stubby neck then disappeared under his undershirt. Maybe to his cheeks below...
"What are you daydreaming about?" someone asked Lunar.
"Nothing...I learned to fly today."
"You mean you learned how to blot out the sun?"
Ahahahahhahaahahahaha. Meanwhile, Lunar saw that Trey had two nice-looking women mother-henning him.
Nardya Rousselot: I think we start with the shape
Alyssa Salmson: then skin
Nardya Rousselot: hair, eyes, new clothes, and on
Trey Honi: what shape do i want?
Nardya Rousselot: don't worry, Trey, we will show you what you need
Trey Honi: kk, lets go :)
Lunar couldn't relate.
"Women don't bother taking me shopping anymore," he said. "They figure my body is beyond hope."
Nardya Rousselot: lol
Lunar Blinker: i told them I looked good at Orientation Island, tho


Wrath Paine said...

Aww, the misplaced adventures of Lunar Blinker in SL... poor dude. Let's stay tuned to see if he is able to lose any weight this year and how it affects his interactions amongst other residents. We're pulling for ya, Lunar! Don't let the buff society bring you down!

Patrick said...

Thanks, Wrath. It should be a struggle.

Pappy said...

Yu tell Mistophur Lunar tu keep his head held high, sir...aftur awl, I are a big feller, tu, and the gals awl luvs mee.

(Yu reckons they luvs mee fo' my truk? I kin git Lunar wun o' them).

Yo' frend, Pappy Enoch

Patrick said...

LOL, Pappy, I'm sure they love yer truck.