Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got hit by a thunderbolt last night. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and found out that I am an:


If you want to know what makes me tick, trust me, I am INTP. When I was reading its description my mouth was open, like "Wha..! I can't believe I'm reading this--it's describing me perfectly!"

It was so startling, with its insights into me, that I searched late into the night for more reading on INTPs; in other words, for insights into me.

Behold, there were forums, and other websites, and I spent hours reading others' thoughts that were like echoes of my own. The INTPs think alike.

I invite you to find out your own personality type by taking the test.

May you be surprised by the results.


Ed said...

I took the test and this was my result; Your Type is : INTP

Just finished reading the profile page (,
and all I can say is WOW!

I don't know where to start , so many things described are exactly how I feel/act and think..

Now I know why certain things I see as logical are difficult to understand for others, and why that pisses me off... lol

For instance religion; it's a "belief" , believing there's a god doesn't mean there is one. Religion is just like fashion, if only enough people start wearing/believing it becomes a trend. If you look back into history you can see we used up quite a lot of gods. But the older gods like Ra,Anubis,Horus,Zeus,
Hades,Ares,Athena,Appolo,Odin,Thor etc. aren't so trendy anymore.
I often joke about praying: Praying is talking to god; but when he starts talking back people think you're crazy. Religion is big business, that's why a new religion get's banned for being "a dangerous cult" as soon as possible, they're protecting their marketshare.

If it's not fact based it's fiction based, I always say...

Patrick said...

It's mindblowing, isn't it, Ed?

It is such a great relief to discover "myself" on paper, and that there are others like me... including you, dear Ed.


I can't stop reading about INTPs now. It is like reading my DNA.

Religion has its advantages and disadvantages, like all things. I tend to believe we are all of One Mind.

8:53 PM

Ed said...

Especially these parts sound so familiar;

Every experience is to be rigorously analysed, the task of the INTP's mind is to fit each encountered idea or experience into a larger structure defined by logic. For here is the central goal of the INTP: to understand and seek truth.

If an INTP is pushed into doing something he will automatically resist.

To know is everything, to do is a lower order necessity, if it is necessary at all.

It is common to see INTPs dabbling at many things, achieving competency, just enough to prove to themselves that they could become more proficient if they wished, but rarely actually bothering to refine their skills further.

About Religion: I was raised Roman Catholic (not very strict) and I remember as a kid asking a lot of questions about the hows and why of religion, most of the time the answers were vague at least..
For instance why celebrate Christmas on the 25th, and not Jan 1st? I recently found out it is because of the birth of Mithras; he was born dec 25th. Many things we now see as Roman Catholic were actually from other "pagan" religions, the Romans put them all together so people could unite under roman rule. Decorating a pine-tree was a German pagan ritual, the virgin Mary was probably based on the Isis cult.

In the end I won't say Religion is a bad thing, to each his own,but it should go with it's time, just like it always did. But imo there are some faiths who just take it way to strict.

PS. Do you own a copy of BF2? Yesterday the Forgotten Hope 2 mod was released. I've played it all night, very nice and realictic mod..

Patrick said...

I've learned it doesn't matter the nature of the holiday--most people are workers, and are grateful for any holiday they can get.

Ed said...

Amen to that

Patrick said...

No, I think I may be done with combat games for a while, Ed. I bought and played the ultra-realistic Call of Duty 4, the most vivid first-person shooter ever I'm told, and I was left cold. There is a certain 'plotlessness' in forever killing.
I need to get away from the shooting and into baloney.

Ed said...

COD Single players are always very linear, but I always liked the instant action; It's like playing in your own Rambo movie..
So we won't be seeing you on a BF anytime soon....? :/

Patrick said...

I don't know...but I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered that im an INTP also and I found an article describing INTPs that blew me away by the accuracy with which they described me. You guys should check it out. Just google search 'an intp profile', its the top result I believe. INTPs really are all alike!