Sunday, December 23, 2007

Year in Review, My Links

Here are my "Favorites" or "bookmarked" sites in no particular order. Share them with your friends (or sneer at them and say "HUMBUG," I don't care). These are the sites I collected since my computer went 'kaput' and Internet Explorer was re-installed, so there's not many, but since this is the end of the year, and the end of the year usually means roundups, here they are: (Aribella is a friend I met at a Second Life Welcome Area. This is her blog.) (This is a web page detailing a lot of the locations for interesting Matrix-style Google videos.) (This is where I log-in to see my Student Loan payment status.) (My INTP profile.) (A very cool "consciousness-related" website that has plenty of free podcasts to download.) (A repository of C&C3 maps.) (Daniel Pinchbeck's website. Pinchbeck is a psychedelic shaman who wrote the classic, Breaking Open the Head. This site has Pinchbeck and a lot of great writers ruminating on day-to-day events.) (Another one-stop place when it comes to excellent mind-expanding podcasts. They have everybody: Terence McKenna, Pinchbeck, Rupert Sheldrake... [Use the vertical scrollbar near the top.])

The majority of the Second Life blogs I follow I access, not via my "Favorites," but via the links on this page (or following the links on other people's pages). That's the beauty of the new "Web": a lot of the links you rely on are no longer stored on your computer, but on others' pages. This *springboard* can be considered a new form of 'inter-connectivity' that springs you, like a mosh-pit person, from one set of hands to another.


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