Sunday, December 09, 2007


Patric: ohhmmmmm
Patric: ohhhmmmm
Patric: breathe in
Patric: breathe out
Shellsea Bailey: in with the good air, out with the bad.
Patric: let me have a mint first
Shellsea Bailey: lol
Patric: serenity now
Patric: keep the bugs off me
Shellsea Bailey: you are having way too much fun, Pat.
Patric: i need to cut it off
Shellsea Bailey: So Pat, how's it going with the meditation?
Patric: phew, i thought u were going to say medication
Shellsea Bailey: Hah!
Patric: beautiful
Patric: i can almost see my navel
Shellsea Bailey: LOL Now that's a disturbing vision.
Patric: about 18 more puffs i'll be in heaven
Shellsea Bailey: lol You need to come back down. They won't let you in with pink fuzzy shoes.
Patric: even more disturbing, I have more than one navel
Shellsea Bailey: ROFL
Shellsea Bailey: X-files....
Patric: well, i mean i have an extra one in Inventory
Patric: i wanted two on me
Patric: but Lindens won't allow it
Shellsea Bailey: Now doncha wish we could have that inventory in RL?
Shellsea Bailey: lol
Patric: yeah, kinda
Patric: i got wheelbarrels full of junk, tho
Shellsea Bailey: I wouldn't have to use up any closet space either.
Patric: true dat
Patric: just attic
Shellsea Bailey: Oh I know! I spend almost a whole day filing stuff.
Patric: you are used to it then
Shellsea Bailey: Yes.
Shellsea Bailey: But you have been here longer than me.
Patric: yeah, about a year
Patric: for the first month i wandered around naked
Shellsea Bailey: I came here in July
Shellsea Bailey: ROFL you didn't!
Patric: i had a difficult start
Shellsea Bailey: Too funny.
Patric: hell, i didn't even learn to walk until my first week
Patric: i just sat down as soon as i came inworld

Shellsea Bailey: Oh stop that. You got me crackin up.
Patric: i still haven't learned to run
Shellsea Bailey: I didn't know we could do that. lol
Patric: i don't even know if i can swim
Shellsea Bailey: Scuba too
Patric: Scuba is off coast of Sflorida

Shellsea Bailey: You dive?
Patric: i dive when i drop bud

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Ed said...

[quote]i dive when i drop bud[/quote]

Rofl, sounds very familiar....