Monday, December 24, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 34/Christmas Eve

It was 6:45pm where Soy was (compared to the rest of the world)

littlebigmanlbm Back: Happy Christmas everyone
Foxnsane Ceawlin: Merry Christmas to you too ^^
Seren Qinan: is it Christmas for you, yet?
Beryl Hawker: no
Margaut Lane: for me, yes
littlebigmanlbm Back: Super Love amongst nations
Seren Qinan: Happy Christmas :)
Yoko Zemlja: I'm from Denmark
Create Ninetails: oh cool
Foxnsane Ceawlin: yeah, it's christmas day already :)
Helex Quinnell: 25th now
Foxnsane Ceawlin: 1:44 AM
Helex Quinnell: 7:45am
Soy Burger: Helex, are u serious?'re in the prime of Christmas right now...that means the presents have been opened
Helex Quinnell: yes I am serious
Soy Burger: where you at? australia?
Helex Quinnell: no
Helex Quinnell: Hong Kong
Soy Burger: wtf
Yoko Zemlja: The gifts has been opened..the Duck has been eaten.....and the children put to bed..
Foxnsane Ceawlin: Duck?
Soy Burger: Duck? Who's the one in hong kong?
Helex Quinnell: I want Turkey!
Helex Quinnell: where re u from Soy
Soy Burger: a little town called Florida
Helex Quinnell: I see
Yoko Zemlja: In Denmark we eat Duck and pork...
Scottish Alcott: hey luffy, and everyone else
Soy Burger: Scotland is here, will be interesting to find out what scotland eats
Scottish Alcott: if yer talking christmas, we have a choice of ham, poultry and steak
Alex Farnsworth: what are you having soy?
Soy Burger: pizza
Soy Burger: i am carving pizza tomorrow
Blau Huet: and toast
Helex Quinnell: I want some table wine too
Soy Burger: stuffed pizza :)
Soy Burger: i preheat the oven to 350
Soy Burger: i do all the same things you do for turkey
Helex Quinnell: what's the sauce with the turkey over there?
Soy Burger: marinara
Scottish Alcott: well its just turned midnight here, merry christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day.
Bert Eales: will do
Soy Burger: a *real* merry christmas to you, scotland
Soy Burger: since you are in actual christmas now

Soy Burger: you said happy christmas, not merry christmas
Soy Burger: it was a dead giveaway
Soy Burger: that you don't celebrate it

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