Saturday, December 15, 2007


Yetrates got a brand new truck. It was a monster. "Holds six," she said proudly, as I climbed in.

We rumbled to an area near the house.

I was surprised to see wilderness there.

"We off-roading?" I asked.


"Wait, there's a pal."

He was floating directly above us and his name was Siberian Himmel.

We hit a tree and came to a sudden stop. It was remarkable because it was the only tree around.

"Hey you, buddy! The guy above us...the guy responsible for this! Hey, look--he's a Serbian."

Yetrates Bates: lol

Siberian Himmel: Stuck?

Patric: hello, Siberian
Patric: do you live around here?

Siberian Himmel: I don't have a home. I'm homeless.

Patric: ok

Patric: you can sleep in our pool if you like

Yetrates Bates: hehe, its warm

Siberian had to leave suddenly. We kept looking in the distance for flashing yellow lights. The tow truck was late. It had been 20 minutes since we called.
Just then, there was a heavy landing, accompanied by a slight "thud."

Patric: hi Cailean

Cailean McMillan: Hey!

...Another stranger had dropped by...

Patric: what brings you here?

Cailean McMillan: i heard the music being played mid flight

Patric: as you fluttered down i was hoping i'd see angel wings

Cailean McMillan: lol

Patric: we're stuck

Cailean McMillan: hah, I'm no angel

Patric: we were off-roading and hit that tree right there

Cailean McMillan: that sucks

Patric: yes, it sucks because it's the only tree in sight

Patric: we've been waiting here for a tow truck for 20 mins
Patric: we thought we saw blinking yellow lights earlier...
Patric: it was a blimp

(Just then, I had an inspiration for a project someone could build. A blimp.)

(Patric: a giant blimp
Patric: with artwork
Patric: on outside
Patric: a Goodyear-like blimp
Patric: instead of advertisements, it could blink artwork)

Cailean McMillan: so is that music coming from your truck?
Yetrates Bates: lol no
Cailean McMillan: am i the only one that hears it?
(He was hearing land music.)
Patric: i hear something too
Patric: i thought it was her singing
Yetrates Bates: haha crzy PAtsy
Cailean McMillan: hah hah
Patric: by her i mean the car
Cailean McMillan: so do you guys live together?
Yetrates Bates: Yea we live in the same house
Patric: we live in different time zones but we share the same house
Cailean McMillan: hah, that's neat
Yetrates Bates: ;)
Cailean McMillan: what time zone is that?
Yetrates Bates: European
Patric: sometimes our time zones overlap
Patric: i caught her in the kitchen one night
Yetrates Bates: haha
Cailean McMillan: heh heh
Yetrates Bates: ....i waz starving
Yetrates Bates: needed that chicken

(She was talking about my former pet chicken.)

Cailean McMillan: lol
Yetrates Bates: the chicken that runs thru his garden
Patric: my chicken is homeless now i think
Patric: i haven't seen him in awhile

Yetrates Bates: you lose all ur pets
Patric: i trust he made it past thanskgiving all right...
Cailean McMillan: it sounds like you guys have alot of fun
Patric: we don't
Yetrates Bates: ;)
Cailean McMillan: hah :0)
Patric: you can come by and sleep in our pool anytime
Yetrates Bates: or in the truck

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