Thursday, June 21, 2007

SL/Genesis of this pic...

At Hooters -N- Shooters
I forget what happened, but I said something crazy like I missed "the duck that was here on the La-Z-boy last night." There was in fact a La-Z-boy® on the dance floor, and it did in fact have a duck perched on it last night. Elle, as co-owner of the club, didn't know what happened to the duck or where it was being kept. Sam, one of the male dancers, obliged me by dressing up in a chick costume, which I mistook for a duck anyway...then a bystander, Unix, showed his 'ducky love' by donning the only ducky thing he had in his possession, a ducky flotation device. The whole night was ducky, you might say.

Later, when Sam the bird stood up to communicate, I accused him of pecking, not typing.

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