Sunday, June 03, 2007


Milo informed me he is having a Serbian wedding on Second Life soon with his bride-to-be, Kaca, and asked me to be his best man. I was honored and I agreed.

We worked out some conditions of the wedding. For instance, the priest should be nude, to better illustrate the sanctity of the honeymoon. Meanwhile, the best-lady, Ayo, and I would dance together during the entire ceremony. Why just stand around and listen? Why not do something while the ceremony is going on? You can listen as well as dance, can't you?
A girl in a wedding gown happened to appear at the dance hall, and then gravitated to where all the tuxes were, and I commented on how a wedding dress always seeks out a tux.
This whole night caught me by surprise and I thought that the stars in the dance hall were especially beautiful tonight and twinkled harder than usual after the announcement.
The wedding will be somewhere between now and the end of this year.
UPDATE: Matching nipple rings were proferred for the engagement. We suspect the same thing will take place for the wedding.
There also should be (at least) one satanist in attendance for balance.

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