Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SL/Tree Talk

I met a tree who could type in a creek. The creek had balls that contained poetry. The tree said he represented a virtual publishing company. I said it made sense that a virtual publishing company would be represented by a tree. I told him that he looked awesome and would blend in good with the environment. He said, "yes, esp if I sit down in a forest." Then I asked him as a tree, if he liked to sit or stand better. The tree then asked specifically about my smoke. I explained that it didn't make sense for me to give him a smoke, especially if he inhaled.


Anonymous said...

But, I like to smoke as a tree in a 3D game, I don't smoke in RL, in RL I drink :-P Oh and I like to "drink" in SL too. Them lsl coded beverages are nifty and funny.

Uva Oxide

Patrick said...

Watching your tree take a sip out of the brook is nice too :P