Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SL/Everything makes sense now

[17:44] Milorad Lehmann: in 15 min we going to H&Š
[17:45] Patric: milo can you breathe all right in there?
[17:45] Milorad Lehmann: have some problems in MSN
[17:45] Patric: i can tell
[17:45] Patric: and with gateway
[17:45] Milorad Lehmann: stupid MSN
[17:45] johnthomas Jun: is that a COW
[17:46] Patric: yes
[17:46] Patric: that's where Milo likes to bury his face when he's (Away)
[17:46] johnthomas Jun: OH ok
[17:46] Patric: we don't ask questions
[17:46] johnthomas Jun: sorry
[17:47] Patric: lol, meanwhile angie pulls up on her chicken
[17:47] johnthomas Jun: head stuck in

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