Friday, June 22, 2007

SL/Young Love

Wayne and Kimmy are a real life, as well as a Second Life, couple. I found out some fascinating details about their love lives...

They live together in real life (engaged to be married). He was in the living room as we spoke, she in the bedroom. Both of them could hear each other laughing.

He is 21, she is 20.

They admitted they have sex in Second Life. A lot. And it's enjoyable, too--as in real life.

Kimmy gave me a picture of a smiling Wayne and Kimmy in real life, as well as a blank-faced Wayne-Kimmy Second Life photo. I commented how the the Second Life photo seemed more naturalistic. JUST KIDDING. I asked them if they ever shared the same keyboard. Not yet.

They hang out constantly in Second Life. The only thing they can't do is teleport together. A bug that is still being worked on, I commented.

As it was midnight EST, I left them alone to dance @ Hooters -N- Shooters while I went to bed. They had the whole place to themselves.
Here is a picture I took of Wayne and Kimmy before I left.

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