Saturday, June 02, 2007

SL/Little Red X

Mind Your Uhs and Huhs
Chapter and Verse Unknown:
"My mouse pointer kept getting closer and closer to the little red X at the top of the screen. I managed to linger on it without really pressing it: I wanted to hear the rest of what she had to say. But I was tired. The little red X started looking like a bullseye. I went corner-to-corner on it, hopscotching around. What did she say? The red X was exerting a lot of influence over me--too much influence. I couldn't keep up. Say what? I was tired, and it was now my turn to type. Time to leave the little red X.' Uh huh.' I typed. (I couldn't believe I typed 'Uh huh'.) Talk about the worst combination of words ever to type to a woman online! Yet I typed them. Damn you little red X!!!"

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