Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SL/Milo expen$es

A wedding in Second Life, as it turns out, is expensive, just as in real life. The wedding hall for Milo's wedding, Milo informed me, costs a whopping 7000L$ -- a fortune to a struggling Serbian in SL.
Milo may eventually ask me to hold a benefit for him or something. This would be fun because we can finally see how many pixelated bodies we can cram into the neighborhood pool, as well as raise awareness for Milo's need for a relatively expensive wedding and very expensive honeymoon. This would be best done through a barbecue, I suppose. There is nothing like discussing an upcoming wedding around good barbecue.

The benefit would be poolside, and nudity would be a requirement since not only would it involve barbecue, but it would also involve volleyball. Women are strongly encouraged to attend!!!

We will be holding a "Sexy Watermellon Eating" contest, too.


Wrath Paine said...

Whoa, L$7,000 for the wedding hall?? Doesn't Milo have any friends who are builders who could set up something a bit more affordable and custom designed?

He's not going to put a pink sticky note on the side of his house, is he? *g*

Still, a bbq poolside sounds most excellent. :-)

Patrick said...

Hehe, he doesn't have a house, either, poor thing. But if he did, I would think it would be something other than pink!