Monday, March 05, 2007

1st Life/Stuck on roof

We were putting up a banner when our ladder toppled over. Good thing we were already on roof!
We looked at each other like: Now what?
Both of us had our cell phones. We could call someone...
"Good morning. Good Sunday morning. Could you do us a BIG favor and rescue us by picking up our ladder off the ground...?"
It was only two stories up, but still.
We saw a lady walking her dog. As she got closer, I asked Bill "Should we?"
"Ma'am, good morning! How are you? Beautiful day, isn't it? Listen, we're in a jam. Our ladder fell over. Yes, that one. Would you mind...?"
She mercifully upended our ladder while her poodle watched.
"Thank you! Thank you!" we both said.
I wadded up nine dollars and tossed it down to her. She smiled and left.
Bill and I looked at each other and thanked the heavens for strolling dogs.

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