Saturday, March 24, 2007

SL/Proof of Unintelligent Life in the Universe

At the pool with Milo and his recently-purchased Mom. Mom scolded Milo about smoking a joint, saying he wasn't doing it right. She also pointed out the giant doobie wasting away in the pool.

Meanwhile, I was partying at the cabana when I noticed smoke coming from the cabana's ceiling. At first this fascinated me--then alarmed me when I realized I was the one causing the smoke. In a flash Milo was all over it: He rolled his wet body around on the roof, trying to put out the smoke. It only got worse. It wasn't until Yetrates arrived with a bag of faeries that the smoke was finally contained.
Milo and I celebrated that night by focusing hard on a UFO so that an alien would show up.
We weren't prepared for the scaly, Lobster-looking alien that did show up--but, hey, an alien is an alien.

We had the alien sit in a hot tub so we could gradually increase the temperature. Meanwhile, we peppered it with at least a thousand different questions, none which it answered. After a bit, the alien popped out of the tub and said it had to return to the UFO before it was compelled to eat us.
Milo was so excited to have extraterrestrial contact that he wanted a picture hugging the alien.

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