Monday, March 26, 2007


Milo loves Mom.
Milo warns about doing harm to Mom.

Milo: i going to sleep you continue conversation
Patric: follow our conversation while you're asleep
Milo: if somethink happened to my mom patric you will be responsable
Patric: she will take all the precautionary pills
Milo: then i dont wanna be in your skin
Patric: she doesn't want to have you again
Patric: she will take all precautions
Milo: cya patric
Milo: cya mom
Patric: awww
Patric: have him twice in a row
Mom: ok son bye have a good sleep
Patric: it would be fun
Milo: lol that is for both
Patric: lol
Patric: he kissed and blew it and split it in half
Milo: cya around im really screwed
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Patric: ok mom this is when you excuse yourself and run crying to restroom...Son is off to duty (bed)
Mom: lol
Patric: bed is the enemy
Patric: beds belong to the kingdom of 1st Life
Patric: we forbade looking at beds in my past sl religion
Mom: lol
Mom: hahhah
Patric: i was told beds don't exist
Patric: whenever someone tells me he/she is leaving for bed i lean back on my faith and denounce it
Mom: lol

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