Sunday, March 25, 2007

SL/Overheard (mostly in Genital region)

On dating
"I told her I wouldn't go out with her as long as she had horns sticking out of her head."

In Health class
"'Testicles.' I love seeing that word, can't explain why. I was born with those yet rarely get to see them spelled ."

Blood flow to the head
Roger: i can't believe i am home, drunk, eating cottage cheese and watching these real live pole dancers on computer screen
EvalynnH: we are so cool Rog :)
BaileyM: pretty cool huh?
Roger: ooh yeahhh
Roger: cheers
Roger: my erection doesn't care if you're not real.
BaileyM: LoL

Song for Rednecks:
My next President shall be Busch

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