Thursday, March 08, 2007

SL/Conspiring against a Robot

I saw this fellow standing on a plot of vacant land near the castle and I was bored, so I wandered over.

Patric: Yes? can i help you?
Roundabout Ogee: I doubt it. With what?
Patric: you are here as a guest soaking up the sunshine
Patric: i'll be the one asking questions
Roundabout Ogee: No, I'm here as an owner
Patric: i see
Patric: i was applying for butler position
Patric: i hope i was convincing
Roundabout Ogee: What for? No house, how could you butle?
Patric: they call me the fresh air butler
Roundabout Ogee: One of those odd job jobs?
Patric: i take what i can get
Roundabout Ogee: Well, I don't think there are any butling positions here at the moment. How would you butle in SL anyway?
Patric: "sir, Master Roundabout will be TPing in shortly....please be seated."
Patric: i guess you use imagination
Roundabout Ogee: Have you tried the castle next door? He has the outfit for butling.
Patric: oh i applied there too
Patric: he said he'd get back to me
Roundabout Ogee: Well, there is a career change possible with the cr dealership nearby.
Patric: oh good idea
Patric: i need a more honest living
Roundabout Ogee: As long as it isn't used cars, it may be just the thing.
Patric: i got tired of selling those
Patric: kept getting 'declines'
Roundabout Ogee: Don't tell me you used to sell VW Rabbits?
Patric: everything but.
Patric: tanks
Patric: hot rods
Patric: even insects
Roundabout Ogee: Bee level cars?
Patric: selling insects on SL was not the smartest idea
Patric: well not that one
Patric: yet
Roundabout Ogee: No. more like a plague.
Patric: yeah never tried offering plagues yet
Roundabout Ogee: SL likely needs more uncles than ants, right?
Patric: i think i would take my chances with ant
Patric: have you been to the castle lately?
Roundabout Ogee: No, I've been working on the plot here. He said there was a device that likes to shoot at folks in the front.
Patric: oh god
Patric: yes
Patric: the robot butler
Patric: it was firing stuff at me yesterday for minutes
Patric: i was praying for a cork
Roundabout Ogee: Replaced by a machine. That's why he doesn't need a butler.
Patric: it is way more charming but i still think it needs to go.
Patric: perhaps over this ledge
Patric: wouldn't want to help me, would you?
Patric: i trick it over here and we both shove it over edge
Patric: we cover up the footprints
Roundabout Ogee: RL is calling. I need to go attend to business there.
Patric: i mean track marks
Patric: ok, see you sir
Roundabout Ogee: Nice to chat.

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