Monday, March 19, 2007

SL/Overheard (stoner marathon)

LanceG: Anyone want to be my test subject?
Cret: I want you to operate on my taste buds.

Work avoidance
Lee: why you dont use this url for music
Lee: its 80s music
Muwa: oh i hear enough of that at work
Muwa: i need to escape 80s for awhile
Lee: where you working
Muwa: i work in what i call the 'work world'
Lee: lol

EricD: I want to have the national flag of a country i don't like tattooed on my thumb.
EricD: On the bottom.

A Conversation unique to this universe
littleboy: Hey man, you're on fire.
Milo: I know.

Over my head appeared a halo made of weed smoke.


I want to dry off at a nude beach using shredded shower curtains as towels.

Entrepreneurial ism
I want to give virtual tours of the White House attic.

True confessions
I want access to one of the most mysterious places on earth--the confessional chamber normally occupied by Catholic priests. In these cloistered quarters I want to experience 100 bong hits in a row, one for each mistake of the day. At the end of these divine exhalations will be the undeniable smell of a plant being offered up to God. I will emerge with fresh ash on my shirt and lap.
I want to be free again.

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